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The cartoon is the artistic technique that makes portraits of people exaggerating the most representative of these features. Its aim is to ridicule or make fun of caricaturing this person. Despite exaggerate traits you should always keep the resemblance with the person to keep their utility portrait. The cartoon has its origin in northern Italy in the late sixteenth century. It was used to portray tourists visiting the area.

Start here – Learn how to draw cartoons characters easily

Create Our first character

The basic form of the cartoon is a circle. Circle is what you need (besides love, of course). Circle is the basic proportions of the head of your character are defined. how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial

Once the circle is ready, it’s time to draw the front axle. Draw a vertical and horizontal line intersecting at the center, as in the image below: how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-1Step 1

Thinking how to draw cartoon people or faces, first we need to make the eyes, draw an oval shape with a slight tilt to the side of the top. Repeat on the opposite side. It is important to leave a space between them of about the same size as the eye. As we are in the development phase, you can draw another eye in the center to serve as a measure. how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-2 Step 2

At the top of the circle, slightly thicken the lashes that will feature of our character. Place eyebrows slightly above the tabs to pass a kind of expression of surprise. The shape of the eyebrow is free and with practice will fit your own style.

Draw two students led to the center (it is a very effective tactic used by major artists whose sole purpose is to make our characters look nicer). how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-3Tip: Few tips needed to be noticed when learning how to draw cartoons characters. Here comes, to enliven and “realism” in our eyes you can draw a small line under them to simulate a kind of wrinkle. This is another very interesting tactic that gives a special touch to our facial expressions.

how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-4JPGStep 3

We got to the creative freedom of the course. Think of it this way: In the designs of cartoon style, the main structure of a face is the skull and the character’s eyes. It is at this stage where the identification with the outside world, IE is defined, it is already clear that people will draw a character. Now we approach the jaw, we will decide if we want a character to be fat or thin. It might be old, young, etc. My character will be a girl. So, we will design a suitable jaw for him. how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-5Meanwhile if you like to sketch an anime, check here

Step 4

In designing a nose be seen from the front, it is common not to use too many details. If you draw only the tip, it is likely that a convincing effect is already achieved. It is also very common that details to draw only one side of the nose, the idea that this is the opposite of light side.

We will see here how to draw cartoon characters nose to select the correct nose in our character. how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-6Step 5

As our character is a child, we will make a cartoon mouth: something simple just to represent an expression of innocence. Note that, when you draw a child’s mouth, lips should not be removed! In the cartoon style, children, regardless of gender, have very simple mouths. Rightly dividing expressive and already does the job. how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-7

Step 6

The ears are seen from the front side view (because our character is facing the camera), so that the internal cavities will not appear. Then let’s do just a simple way using some basic (more on this later) perspective. how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-8

Step 7

The shape of our skull is already defined by the circle we did at the beginning, right? So we just have a cut very simple and child hair to give life to our son. Let’s do it now.

how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-9I do not Know How to draw cartoons hair! Help! Easy, easy … there is nothing to fear. Nobody has to be a stylist or fashion designer to make the perfect hair. There is no right way to draw hair, so you have to try until the ideal hair cut you want is created. Just remember that hair is responsible for defining the personality of our characters. Oddly enough, the hair can express age, rebellion, conservatism … amazing, is not it? Speaking of which … what’s your hairstyle ?! Oh never mind … A fast and accurate drawing cartoon hair is to look references the photos on the web! I do it all the time: take a fashion magazine or try a search in Google. After finding the perfect style, put the image as a reference next to his drawing board (or tablet) and start making a caricature and simplified version. Well, it seems that we have successfully learned how to draw cartoons characters at basic level and completed our character! Congratulations! Now let’s play some more and create a completely different character taking the same template we use for little Tommy (yes, I created a name for it).

Create a old character

Step 1

As usual, we’ll start with the eyes for how to draw cartoon characters. This time we will draw faster, adding wrinkles, eyebrows and the pupils of the eyes. Note that we have not changed much, just expand a little eyebrow. Older men have thick eyebrows, which occupies more space in the front. The tabs make no difference in men who are always drawn in the same way. how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-10Step 2

We will increase our chin a little this time. Try something like this.

Our character is already a different “look”! This is very good. We will proceed to the choice of the ideal nose for it. how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-11

Step 3

After what we did before, we will learn how to draw cartoons nose. This time I’ll make a completely different nose above: Note that the ends of the nose is placed near the bottom of the eyes. This is an effective tool to use in designing bigger and broader noses technique. The idea is always to exaggerate to get a good result! how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-12 Speaking of exaggeration, we will remove it from the mouth of our character in favor of another device

Step 4

I decided to use another technique now. Instead of drawing the mouth, let’s just draw a big mustache to create a better person for our character. Done! A large and exaggerated mustache our old friend! how-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-13

Step 5

Remember what I said about the hair helps represent the age and personality? Check it out. We just added some hair left side and bald on top. It’s amazing what creates a completely different look, right? I also notice that I took the same ear of Tommy, our dear child. That’s the advantage of working on templates. That’s the magic of cartoon when thinking how to draw cartoons charactershow-to-draw-cartoons-tutorial-14I think our friend is a mad scientist!

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