How to Draw Spiderman

We have done with learn how to draw an elephant in previous tutorial. Today’s lesson we will learn how to draw SpiderMan, the most recognizable superhero on the planet! Peter Parker, aka SpiderMan, appearing on the pages of comic books back in 1962, has become incredibly popular. Until now, the curious story of a schoolboy who received spider superpowers is the basis for Hollywood blockbusters, big-budget animated series and video games.

How to draw SpiderMan – Web world!

Step 1

Let’s start with stickman – man made of sticks and clubs. With stickman, we denote the position of the character, the proportions of his body and position on the sheet of paper. Note the unusual angle and position – because of these factors stickman and SpiderMan seem disproportionate. If our hero stood straight upright, its growth would be equal to the sum of the lengths of the seven heads, like all people, on average. But SpiderMan is significantly bent in the body, and his legs were positioned so that he was able to keep the balance, based on the web.

Of the features of the proportions of note:

  • It is a big difference in the line width of the pelvis and shoulders;
  • Large head – its length is placed in the left half of our hands;
  • Very short right hand (when drawing the limbs do not forget to schedule a fold line);
  • The left leg is bent away from us at a very acute angle;
  • Right Knee our feet and the lower end of the left hand from us lie in one plane.

In the same step of learn how to draw SpiderMan, mark up the face: Draw vertical line of facial symmetry, and the horizontal line of the eyes. Line the eyes should be slightly bent, and it must be stationed less than conventional means.

Using Allocated line, outline eye mask.


Step 2

Outline the contours of SpiderMan, will form his silhouette. Please note – the visible portions of our chest and back formed a figure to which the balls of the shoulder joints (in the left hand the ball from us a few more volume, because it is closer to us). Then – hands. Note their prominence and powerful muscle mass. The bulk of the arm muscles have to shoulder, which is included in the deltoids muscles of the shoulder, biceps and triceps. O where all this is, we talked in detail in drawing lessons legionary and a werewolf. Do not forget to work on the forearm – they must be narrowed in the direction of the brush. In drawing the fingers must pay attention to the size and location of each relative to the others.

Rectangles outline the abdomen, groin area – a triangle. Legs also denote simple geometric shapes, just mark the hips narrowing as it approaches the knee joint and the characteristic curves of the calf muscles.

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3how-to-draw-spidermanStep 3

Remove extra guide lines with the mask of SpiderMan, dark black edges of the mask. If you want a better look at the mask of SpiderMan, be sure to check out the corresponding lesson phased drawing.

4how-to-draw-spidermanStep 4

In this step of learn how to draw SpiderMan lesson, remove unnecessary auxiliary strokes of the previous steps with the left hand from us. Let us give a hand contours and correct anatomical form. Note that the contour of the deltoids muscles of the shoulder emphasized strongly enough and outlined strokes, there is also a bar near the elbow. Turn over and brush your fingers and smooth lines. Do not forget to mark the line indicating the phalanges.

5how-to-draw-spidermanStep 5

Draw contours of the upper part of the right shoulder from us, as well as the visible part of our body. In addition to the external contours are clearly visible also outlines a massive pectoral muscles and light line of the clavicle. At this stage costume sketch line, more precisely, the boundaries of the red and blue. As we all remember, it was in the red areas of the suit passes pattern in the form of a thin black cobwebs. In this learn how to draw Spiderman lesson, we are just learning to draw a pencil sketch.

6how-to-draw-spidermanStep 6

We continue our gradual drawing lesson. We work on the right hand from us. The shoulder is almost entirely hidden, so we’ll just draws the forearm and hand. Draw contours of these parts of the body, remove extra lines from the previous steps and draw fingers.

In the area of ​​the forearm, outline the boundary line of red and blue suit – it must be from a corner. Now you might have got an idea on how to draw SpiderMan by the art you have made. Keep going..

7how-to-draw-spidermanStep 7

The next step right away leg. As in previous stages, there will need to erase the guiding lines and turn over the contours. Only there is one difficult point – the knee. Suit SpiderMan is very thin and fitting, so he joint and adjacent outlines of bones, muscles and tendons can be seen quite well. Inside thigh we can see only one line, but near the knee a lot of them. End of this learn how to draw SpiderMan lesson, you can make colors to the end drawing and make it real on your wish.

Firstly, he marked the joint slightly rounded contours, and secondly under it appear the outlines of the tibia, and finally we see it on a small bar to the right and a figure similar to the sign of the jackdaws on the left.

8how-to-draw-spidermanStep 8

Draw contours left at feet. Remove extra touches and outline a couple of lines of the muscles in the hip area, as well as a line of costume boot. Here in learn how to draw SpiderMan lesson, Pay attention to bend hips – he formed a powerful thigh muscles, which are due to pose sharply narrowed toward the knee.

9how-to-draw-spidermanStep 9

Concentrate on dedicated circuits sites costume design in the form of a web. In this step, the line must be positioned vertically. All the lines are moving away from the center of the web of conditional, which is located between the eye mask. At this stage make web pattern on fingers – lines should be placed close enough to their location on the fingers will soon cross.

10how-to-draw-spidermanStep 10

Draw second layer of the web which is positioned horizontally at this point of how to draw Spiderman lesson. Rings of this layer as well as vertical lines, moving away from the conventional point between the eye mask and diverge further across the red part of the suit. Note that each line has a slight bending webs.

Another feature – the distance from the notional point in the center line of the face are becoming more remote from each other. On the trunk and limbs, all the lines are located at the same distance from each other.

11how-to-draw-spidermanStep 11

Draw behind our SpiderMan’s web, and also to work with shadows. Shadows in this lesson drawing made in comic style – they are similar to the contrast and black spots. Best of all these shadows applied in two stages – first, to outline and then paint a soft pencil – B or softer.


It was a lesson devoted to how to draw Spiderman. These drawing lessons are to teach you how to draw. Hope you like this tutorial. Keep going!!

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