How to Draw Anime Characters with Step by Step Tutorials

“How To draw” always need to have guidelines, even for the best is difficult to start a drawing without a sketch, it is what helps us put everything in place. And how to draw anime is no exception to that. People have many ways to make a sketch, those already advanced very simple and do beginners need a more complex sketch, so to speak.

Have a look on realistic drawing of eye, which take you to the feel of being a perfect artist

First part of How to Draw Anime Characters begins here. In this first part, only I explain how to make a sketch, as it is the basis of every drawing.

But before drawing itself, you should ensure that your hand is loose …What I mean by that is loose? A should not be rigid or tense, but have plenty of movement, so that if you draw a circle without resting your hand on anything, you get it as a circle xD. If not, then this is easily achieved by circles to vomit, or they can be ellipses or ovals as commonly called. If you are too lazy or just do as many circles you think “this girl is crazy”, then I’m sorry but this tutorial is not for you, drawing manga is easy once you learn it, but it requires much effort and dedication.

How to Draw Anime Easily with Step by Step Tutorials

Another fact is that you have to take the stylus as a 2 cm from the tip, not as we usually do but support the stylus on the middle finger and holding it with the thumb and forefinger, so that the pinky and ring fingers are free. This is so that the hand is more free, and to force you to have more control over your hand.

Drawing anime makes us to feel crazy but always we have a question how to draw anime step by step ?

To make a sketch first is to draw a circle:

how to draw anime step1

Next Step of How to Draw Anime
Then you have to draw a line in the center, up and down, and exceeding the circle, something like a third of what measures the latter. This line can vary depending on how you want your picture to be.

how to draw anime step2

Now you are gradually learning how to draw anime characters, Continue with 2 lines forming the chin, they must leave down the line we just drew, of these I can not give exact measure, as also vary with the drawing, so you have to calculate their angle, too high or far below, and note that its length should not exceed the circle, two lines in the image as it were simulating width of the circle, you see, is the chin lines do not reach these other lines rather stay shortly before them.

anime drawing step3

Chin then ends with two other lines which join the circle, as noted by those arrows.

step4 of anime diagram

We follow the guidelines of the eyes and ears look good from where, the bottom has to stick with the union of the lines of the chin, and the above has to go through where the circle joins lines just to draw the chin.

how am drawing anime step5

What remains is to draw the neck, which must also be calculated, and the ears which are about the size of the last lines we did.

anime drawing part1 final step

That is basically the kind of sketch that I use, is quite simple and easy to do, I hope you have served them something, and remember to circle as many times as you can and where they can, to release the hand well and practice making this sketch a thousand sometimes it comes out perfect xD . Moving forward with these simple steps, you will start exploring how to draw anime easily.
In the next page, I’ll teach you to make the face of a very simple way.


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