How to Draw an Owl – Drawings – Step by Step Tutorials

In the previous drawing lessons, we have learn how to draw a tree. Here we will check how to draw an owl for the tree. Owl are famous for its forward facing eyes and ears while their head rotate to 270 degrees. Mostly Owl are king of night as they hunt their prey during dark night. Barn Owls and typical Owls are two families of Owls which have around 225 extant species. These kind of nocturnal animals can also be drawn and shared with your friends in Snapchat you can learn how to use the geo filters here : snapchat filter list

Owl drawing – Step by Step

Now we look at a pencil drawing of an owl in stages. To learn how to draw an owl, we must understand the structure of feathers and wings. Feathers are different small and fluffy, which are located on the head, chest, legs, medium size, which are at the top of the pen, and long, which are in the middle and lower part of the wing. The structure of the wing, we have already discussed in the lesson here.


Step 1: We need to draw a detailed sketch. Thin lines draw the contours of the head, body and wing. Just view the image clearly or click on it and view.

2owl-drawing-how-to-draw-an-owlStep 2: Draw a beak, feathers and feet area.

3owl-drawing-how-to-draw-an-owlStep 3: Draw eyes and pupils, they are incomplete circles. Now we need to erase circuit (lighten), and in its place the lines of different lengths to create the appearance of feathers. Then draw legs and trunk.4owl-drawing-drawing-for-kidsStep 4: In this figure, the light source to the left, so the right shade darker. Add diagonal lines shading color representing small, soft feathers. During owl drawing, please stay carefully at the direction of strokes, they are important because they help to convey the illusion of depth various forms. Sketch pens of different shapes and lengths on the wing. Add a few strokes on the soles of the curved legs, to show the direction in which grow tiny soft feathers.5drawing-for-kids-owl-drawingStep 5: Note that while doing owl drawing, the hatching lines used to draw the feathers of different lengths and different shades. Outlines do not break off abruptly, but rather have the shape of a pen (or uneven) to transmit a more realistic appearance.

6drawing-for-kids-how-to-draw-an-owlPencil 2H easy to shade the feathers on the left and central parts of the legs, lower torso. 2B pencil to make an intermediate shade right. Here we learn how to draw an owl easily. But to make this owl drawing realistic use different pencils. Then using a pencil 2B and 4B add darker shades of feathers on the lower part of the body, on the right shoulder and under the beak under a wing. Draw a circle around the perimeter of the iris as the outer rim.

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Advice from an Owl – “Stay Focused”

Step 6: Shade the outer rim with a pencil 2B. Use a pencil 6B paint pupil, leaving the highlight and draw a darker shade on the beak.7drawing-for-kids-owl-drawing-artStep 7: Using the 2H and HB pencil paint the eyes and beak of an owl.8how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 8: Use a light pencil to add more touches on all areas of the head. Use 2H for light areas and 2B and 4B for darker. Add a few tiny ovals on the feathers on the forehead and sides of the head. The following picture shows the finished appearance of ovals and increase the resolution. If you want some of them to allocate more then just walk on them your eraser to display and brighten the central part of each.9how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 9: Use a sharpened pencil and a solid short strokes to paint the soft downy feathers on the chest and feet of an owl.10how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 10: Shade tail feathers of an owl. Each pen has a darker shade on the right, which gradually becomes a lighter shade on the left. Add diagonal lines to individual feathers. Look closely at the picture and notice that the diagonal lines drawn on each of the feathers make a complete shading and highlight detail.11how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 11: Shade feathers at the top of the wing, with the top area darker as the shadow falls on the head of an owl.12how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 12: Use the pencils of different softness and hatch lines of different lengths to transfer the texture of feathers in the upper part of the wing. Some feathers are the highlights on the tips.13how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 13: Add the dark shadows on the claws, while leaving room for glare. Use shading different lines to create the texture of the branches.14how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 14: If necessary, add more lines on your own to figure seemed complete. To create light areas use the eraser to dark – apply additional shading. Put the date and sign the picture.15how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artHere you have made a beautiful owl drawing and learn how to draw an owl is done. The shades and the every small mark of this sketch will make a huge impact at the end and hence start drawing it with dedication. We have demonstrated many drawing lessons on pencil sketches. When considering drawing for kids, these tutorial will be more helpful to discover an artist within themselves. Start your art skills and keep exploring.

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    1. Are you talking about the owl?? Because it’s an amazing drawing of a whole, beautiful bird. So, maybe you’re talking about something else that just has a head??

      Are you disappointed because you wanted a whole animal? I could maybe understand that because I love this site. lt’s step by step instructions make learning and practicing super easy and rewarding.

  1. I LOVE this website! The drawing tips are SUPER helpful! This taught me to draw REALLY WELL! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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