Easily Explained “How to Draw an Eye” with Pencil – Step by Step procedure

Are you an emerging drawing artist? Are you practicing your drawing with some sceneries and planning to start drawing real human. The fact is that you can easily draw any part but the face is little difficult to draw and we need some little patience to draw it so realistic. So we had planned to start first with how to draw a rose with pencil (step by step). Important things is that, you do have to start now and you have to practice a lot. Finally you can master in drawing an realistic eye with our simple image and video tutorial.

How to Draw an Eye – Step by Step procedure to Draw with Pencil

Artist is one of the highest earning jobs in the world. All over the word many artists are highly earning with their creativity skill and everything is all started by some random drawings. Trying to become an artist, go and grab some pencil sticks for drawing and start your drawings with some basic sketch. If you had enough skill for drawing an eye. Just follow our simple guide

*IMAGE* Step by Step procedure on How to Draw an Eye with Pencil

Finally, here is our step by step tutorial on drawing realistic eye. Just follow the simple step we listed here.

Step 1: First step is so simple, Just draw the shape of the eye. Make sure you draw a perfect sized or structured eye as you wanted. If you didn’t get the desired shape, just try and try until you get the desired eye size. If its not good, then the complete drawing may not be good too.

Image: Step 1 - Draw Realistic Eye
Image: Step 1 – Draw Realistic Eye

Step 2: After drawing the right shape of eye, now draw the iris and pupil of the eye. Now highlight the area where you wanted to be and shade the base tone of Iris.

Image: Step 2 - Draw Realistic Eye
Image: Step 2 – Draw Realistic Eye

Step 3: Now shade the pupil and some little under the eye lid. As you could see in the below picture, Add some little lines coming from pupil and going towards the iris.

Image: Step 3 - Draw Realistic Eye
Image: Step 3 – Draw Realistic Eye

Step 4: In this step of how to draw an eye, add shading lines that goes from the outer ring of iris towards pupil. Now some part of the iris will be left, which is base tone. Now add some shadow underneath the base tone to give some in depth feel. Also add some shade under the eye lid. Had you noticed small outline of white around the eye? So this is the plot where the eye lashes will go.

Image: Step 4 - Draw Realistic Eye
Image: Step 4 – Draw Realistic Eye

Step 5: A big difference in image, What i did? Now draw some eye lashes by drawing a thick lines that taper to a point. Dip down to make it so realistic. Comparing the top and bottom eyelashes, the bottom eyelashes should be smaller and clumped together a little bit. Add some little shades to the white portion of eye. Highlight the iris, add some lines and dots details to Iris.

Image: Step 5 - Draw Realistic Eye
Image: Step 5 – Draw Realistic Eye

Step 6: Here is the final touch to our realistic eye, Darken all the dark spots to give high contrast to the drawing. Make sure you highlights are really highlighted You can also make a reflection of eyelashes in the highlight of iris, if you want. Also to add more glossy effects add some highlights and shadow to the white part or you can add some blood vessels in it or both. Just add some details and shading around the eye, will make the picture more clear. Now you’re done.!! HaHa hahaa.!! [evil laugh].!!

Image: Step 6 - Draw Realistic Eye
Image: Step 6 – Draw Realistic Eye

Check the latest “How to Draw an Eye” – Video Tutorial

If you couldn’t able to follow our step by step image tutorial, then you can watch the video tutorial by Proko. The tutorial is well explained and you can easily get, what he is speaking.

Note: First watch “Drawing an Eye Structure” – Video Tutorial. and later watch the second video.

After watching “Drawing an Eye Structure” tutorial, You can watch the second video on “Drawing an Eye in Detail”.

Hey there.. had you drawn the realistic eye with our tutorial ? Does this helped you? If so do share this “How to draw an eye step by step tutorial”. If not, just practice every day. Follow the same thing what you had practiced from this tutorial. Just don’t loose the hope and Keep on practicing, soon you could able to get the realistic eye soon.


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    Practicing very hard..!!

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