How to Draw an Elephant – Giant Pet

After how to draw a dog tutorial, Here in this lesson you will learn how to draw an elephant using pencil and to finally land with an elephant drawing. When thinking drawing for kids, these tutorial helps them a lot. The elephant has big body and a huge, thick legs like a stone, but unlike other animals to draw an elephant is quite simple. However, his big ears, trunk and tusks and simple in appearance, is actually not easy to draw so that they look realistic. Picture an elephant is picturesque if to draw near other elephants, as well as the surrounding landscape.

How to draw an elephant – Elephant drawing

1. Draw the basic outline of the trunk of an elephant


Begin drawing with the original circuit in the form of a large circle for the body. On the short distance to the right, draw a circle of smaller diameter for the head. Connect these figures, approximately as shown on my picture, it will be the neck of an elephant. It is not necessary to comply with the geometrical accuracy of these contours, you see, I have these contours also painted rather carelessly. This is only a preliminary outline of the necessary proportions for layout and location of the figure of the torso of an elephant, which in future will need to be removed.

Just below the main circle need to draw two elongated ovals for the feet of an elephant.

2. Draw the contours of the trunk and legs

2how-to-draw-an-elephantThis step is start with the trunk circuit, making it the easiest way, only need to draw an arc on the edge of her circle. He will need to accurately observe the massive proportions of the head and trunk. Further, the contour of the head to the back of another draw an arc, this will be the upper boundary of the ear. Well, now you need to draw the bottom line of the abdomen. The elephant is very massive animal, and it is required to accurately convey to the figure, so this line will insure you from mistakes. Well, at the end of this stage also add two circuit leg.

3. General outline of the form of the trunk of an elephant

3how-to-draw-an-elephantAnd now how to draw an elephant will be a lot easier, the basic contours we have, have only added to drawing the contours of legs.

Elephant on our figure moves pass this motion, you can use the provisions of the legs. Draw the left foot slightly raised for this circuit. Have the legs slightly lift up and turn the lower part of the left. In the next step we draw the general outline of an elephant, and then we will see what he is.

4. Figure elephant in detail

4elephant-drawing-how-to-draw-an-elephantThe move to start drawing draw contour trunk and a huge elephant ear. Incidentally, the scope of his ears is the length of an elephant, remember this. It’s not hard to draw the trunk of an existing contour markings, and the ear can draw free form. Do not make an elephant’s trunk is too thin or too thick. Compare, for example, with the thickness of the legs. By the way, the legs of an elephant as a column and foot flattened, almost round.

I hope you will not be difficult to circle the general contour of the torso and legs of an elephant.

You see how easy we were able to draw an elephant, there are only small details add a simple drawing and will be fully completed.

5.How to draw an elephant skin

5elephant-drawing-how-to-draw-an-elephantThe first step is to remove the extra contour lines, do you want to see what we get. Then start with the easiest draw. Draw the eye, and then you can draw two tusks and tail. A little more difficult to draw a elephant’s ear, but I think you will easily cope with this, looking at my drawing. Important note that the figure is visible and the second edge of the ear, but you can not draw.

Once when we were able to gradually draw the right torso and head of an elephant, start painting the skin. In some places it can be covered with wrinkles, folds (trunk). This can be done with the help of pencil strokes. And at the other areas of the skin, apply a small “net” in the form of intersecting lines. Do not press hard on the pencil line should be barely noticeable. Try to draw the right eye of an elephant. To better see the details of the eyes, you can increase my drawing.

6. How to draw an elephant – Final step

6elephant-drawing-how-to-draw-an-elephantAt this step you should have a fully draw an elephant and get to coloring pictures. If you choose to only draw in pencil, then you need to take a soft pencil (2M) and cause shadows. Shadows will add volume and pattern of an elephant would be more realistic. To accurately draw the shade on the trunk of an elephant, it is necessary to submit to a side light falls or the sun shines. That would be closer lighter. At the junction of the legs to the trunk, ears, head shade will be more dense.

If you draw an elephant next to his other relatives or a small elephant, as well as the surrounding African landscape, then your image will be more vivid, realistic and attractive. Now you are done with how to draw an elephant tutorial and finally landed with giant elephant drawing. These tutorials will best suite considering drawing for kids. Check next page to get relaxed with elephants.

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