How to Draw a Wolf [Ferocious]

We have done with learn how to draw a dolphin in previous tutorial. Today we will focus on learn how to draw a wolf with ordinary pencil. The whole process will take place in stages, step by step. In the beginning we will form a “crude” sketch, and then adding to our drawing more and more new elements, we need to get a perfect illustration of one of the most ferocious predators of forest.

How to draw a Wolf – Ferocious Predator

In many regions of our planet wolves are on the verge of almost complete disappearance. But this is a very sad fact, because wolves are one of the key predators in the ecosystem and their disappearance could lead to the collapse of many food chains on the planet. It is therefore important to take care of the safety population of wolves.

We will start the drawing lessons on sketching a wolf. If you follow the steps, you can learn to draw a wolf easily. Just even looking at the images, you can get to know how to draw a wolf. Moving forward along the images, the pink color indicates the new update compared to the previous image.

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How to draw a wolf step by step

Step 1:

Draw the outline sketch as shown in the image below. It is the initial step when we start making a sketch. For every sketch you need to make a outline figure at initial level to make the figure look good at the end of the art. Here this is the outline for the ferocious predator of forest – Wolf.


Step 2:

As mentioned earlier, the pink indicates the new changes with the prior image. So the outline is already made and now you will making the structure of wolf face. The round outline made earlier is just to make the face with the correct shape. the ear and face should be sketched exactly around the round shape.


Step 3:

Now after the face structure of the how to draw a wolf tutorial, we will start making the parts within the face. Eyes, nose and mouth should be placed in the exact place. This is the most crucial place to concentrate because it makes the best appearance of the wolf. The outline you made will have the vertical line within the round. That lines indicates the center place where the nose and mouth should be drawn. The eyes will be placed on the curve at a very a small distance.


Step 4:

Here just make few touches within the face. Make the eye ball attached to the above eye lid with a small dot which make the cunning feel of the animal.


Step 5:

After that, now you are going to sketch the body structure of the Wolf around the outline you made. Here the body structure and the face will have the hairy outline to make the Wolf look real. The hairs make the animal to look alive. So just practice the drawing with the hair lines.


Step 6:

Here you are almost done with the sketch. The legs are the final thing we are left out in this Wolf sketch. You will sketching the legs as shown here but just the three legs which are looking in the front view.


Step 7:

At this step, we will be drawing the inner leg which is also key step.Here if you make it too big or small, it will make the whole figure look bad. The center of the body should have the end point of the leg as shown here


Step 8:

The final touch of this diagram is the tail of the animal. Juts draw the hairy tail at the right side. Have a broad tail to show it very hairy and young. The tip of the tail is to be concentrated much for the look and style.


Step 9:

You have completed the Wolf art. Just have a look on the sketch you made, which makes you feel as an artist. Initially when starting the tutorial you would be wondered how to draw a Wolf, but now you are done with the solution. Just in the happy mode, give Wolf a standing land.


Step 10:

Now remove the outline and sketch the actual Wolf with pen to look like the Wolf shown below. You can start coloring the Wolf if you want or add shade to it with just the pencil.

step10-how-to-draw-a-wolfFrom this tutorial, you have got to know how to draw a Wolf. Just start to explore your art with the animal you wonder often.

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