How to Draw a Tree – Deciduous & Fest

Next to our previous tutorial on how to draw a cat, we are going to check how to draw a tree. Drawing trees is quite simple and you can not do much wrong. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to draw quickly and easily a deciduous tree. There are various benefits we get from a tree. So we always like to plant a tree and when thinking of drawing, tree always holds a top position.

How to draw a tree – Simple tutorial

It all starts with a sketch.Step1-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawings

I start as almost always with a sketch. It is sufficient to draw the outline of the tree. Make sure that the branches and crime reports of the tribe do not follow a recognizable pattern, but in a “natural irregularity” of the tribe grows outwards / upwards. The same applies to the roots, but, logically, only grow downwards.
Step2-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsIn the second step I shade dark areas of the tree. The master and all the branches must naturally be darker. But the foliage provides “wispy” sheet pilings, which are regarded as a unit and they can shade on its underside.Step3-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsDraw after a few branches in the foliage of the tree in this step of how to draw a tree lesson. Make sure that the branches logically grow from the lower branches or trunk upwards. It is enough if one sees shine through in a few places in the foliage the branches. In the foliage elaborate attempts a cloud-like structure so as to indicate the individual leaves tufts. The underside of the leaves have tufts to darken.
Step4-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsNow you can master the blur, it should be generally darker than the trunk edge. Then you should again make a little darker.  You need to know which side of light shining on the tree. Of course, it appears from above, and in this picture a bit of links on the tree. Therefore, you can use the stand to the left can be a bit brighter areas. For example, the left side of the tree a little brighter than the right.
Shade dark areas still for something. Especially in the foliage of the tree there are many dark spots. Just imagine, the foliage is composed of many small clouds. Shade this deciduous clump at the bottom. The areas immediately adjacent to master you can draw even darker.Step6-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawings
Again you shade dark areas a little darker. Use this quiet a few rough strokes, since they fit well later to bark structure of the tribe.

Blurs all dark areas so that a rough structure of the roof leaves the tree is visible. Individual sheets you need not to draw. These drawing lessons on how to draw a tree will be interesting more moving forward.

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Shading are continuing exactly as you did in the previous step. Make sure that the areas that show to light, stay bright. Visible rough strokes in strain direction (vertical) see later like deep notches in the bark.  Try to give the trunk a little more plastic appearance. That is, to draw the project away from the light side and dark trying to work out the round log. The tree trunk, you should now be in no more blur, because that would destroy the beautiful rough structure, who let your pencil strokes. The structure is similar now very real bark.Step7-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsIf the tree elaborated plastic and the trunk is finished shaded, you can draw a lot of small dots and bumps on the trunk with a sharp pencil. Drawing is actually the wrong word. It would be better indiscriminately “scribble”. By that I mean, you should make sure that they are not one, patterns appear, but act arbitrarily when drawing the bumps. The tribe would be finished basically. Now you might have got an idea how to draw a tree.

“Trees are the poem, the earth writes…”

Step8-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsNow it goes to the individual sheets. Who does not want to make the effort itself, can emphasize the “cloud structure” of the foliage more and waive any leaves. Who has time and desire, on the other hand draws many small leaves on the foliage. Notice also the next step!
Step9-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsThe right side of the tree now has leaves that left yet. Sheets are located in the upper part of a leaf bundle. The area below was darkened. You have the course does not draw with the left start, I wanted only to show how the tree without leaves looks. For one might also waive the individual sheets and simply better emphasize only the leaf clump, as you see now on the right side and work out. Also this would be a beautiful tree.
Step10-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsNow follow the music for the left part of the treetop. Simply draw a few leaves in the tree and you are almost done with how to draw a tree drawing lessons.

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Step11-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawings The areas under the leaves you draw dark and dense easily.
Step12-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsShould your screen also have a background, you need to draw this now. Initially shade dark areas. If you shade in all directions, the hatch is very uniform and flat. With “hatching in all directions”, I mean, from right to left, from top to bottom, and diagonal On the right of the top left and bottom from top left to bottom right hatch. This gives a very fine hatching. Meadow or forest floor should not be hatched so clean and must not contain structures.  Bright areas like individual tufts of grass you shade with an eraser pen in the gray area and add more idea on how to draw a tree.
Step13-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsHere is a detail screen on which you can see again, how the transition from Treetop, sun and sky looks. The tree should be erase by toward the sun brightened somewhat.  Take a round object (cup, plate, CD, …) put this on the paper and on the edge make a bright circle around the sun.

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Step14-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsThose who want to can as erase a few “light effects” through the shimmering sun in the foliage. I carry two small pieces of paper, put one above the other in the form of a pointed wedge and wedge erase in such a sharp light beam. Now you have a made a realistic sketch of a tree and got the answer for how to draw a tree. Adding colors to the tree or sketching with respective colors will make the tree look alive. So start exploring. Moving forward, you will learn how to draw Christmas tree.

Mostly during Christmas we would like to sketch the Christmas tree which adds joy and reminds of gifts, toys, candy,etc.,  At the time of celebration, the kids love to sketch the precious things of the fest especially Christmas tree, Santa Claus, candies and gifts. Here we got to know drawing a tree, so next is to know how to draw Christmas tree.

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It’s quite simple to draw a Christmas tree, just make a vertical line and follow it. Just imagine or sketch a triangle outline as we all know the Christmas tree is in triangle form. Just follow the steps shown in the image to complete the tree.  Step15-how-to-draw-a-christmas-tree-drawingsWe have not looked on the colored sketches but considering the fest, we have to add colors to make the fest alive. Just color the tree on your wish. In the next image, we are seeing how to draw Christmas tree in different style. Just as above tree, follow the steps as shown in the image and you are done with sketching a Christmas tree.Step16-how-to-draw-a-christmas-tree-drawingsFrom the above drawing lessons you got to know how to draw a tree and also how to draw Christmas tree. Just start the sketch with pencil initially and after being expert, start with the colors to bring the art alive.

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