How to Draw a Skull – Scary World!

We have done with learn how to draw a wolf a in previous tutorial. Here, we will Learn how to draw a skull with pencil. Figure rather complicated, time-consuming for the proper transmission of proportions and dimensions. At first glance it seems that the figure is not difficult, because it is very small fine intricate detail, but in reality, this figure is very difficult to maintain the correct proportions to skull was as realistic as possible.

“Enter the Scary World – How to draw a skull”


Draw a line – one flat (a line of eye sockets), the second – slightly curved (the middle line of the skull and nose).



Next we draw the outlines of the eye sockets – in the future we will outline them and shade the. Try to draw the support line were most similar to those that have drawn.



Now draw with pencil the upper part of the skull. It has an oval almost circular shape. Draw a crack on the skull, to give it an aged and slightly scary type.



This stage of learn how to draw a skull includes the drawing of several elements – be careful, because you and I have to draw a fairly complex elements. We start with a drawing of the upper jaw. Drawing on her right recesses for teeth. Then proceed to drawing the eye sockets. When you have drawn them – darker shade as much as possible as we did, the truth is we are highlighted in red, but it is done solely for your convenience – in fact, all these elements are of course black. Draw the same basin at the site of the nose.


“Death is not scary, It’s where we’ ll end up that is”

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STEP 5 – “How to draw a skull”

Now draw the bulk of the lower jaw. Focus while in the auxiliary line. Do not forget to leave room for future teeth.

5how-to-draw-a-skullSTEP 6

At this stage in red highlight what you need to highlight and shade pencil. Encircles the entire skull and make decorative patterns on the junction of the two jaws.



In this step of learn how to draw a skull tutorial, Just make few additional strokes on the top of the skull drawing.



The eighth stage is also quite complicated, because then you need to draw the quality each tooth and each stroke of his teeth. Teeth are not simple like other drawing because of its size and shape. See how we traced each tooth and is looking to repeat as much as possible similar.

8how-to-draw-a-skullSTEP 9

Here you at the final stage of skull drawings. Finished!!

9how-to-draw-a-skullYou have made the drawing of skull with the help of this learn how to draw a skull tutorial. Start practicing again if you are not able to get the perfect outcome. Keep sketching and turn it Scary.!!

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