How to Draw a Shark with Facts

Followed to our owl drawing tutorial, we are going to check how to draw a shark along with the shark facts and pictures of sharks. These drawing lessons will make you start sketching like an artist and it will be best when considering drawing for kids. Sharks causes panic almost everyone. And no wonder, because this sea animal exists many years ago and the fishermen called this as sea wolf. Even the appearance of a shark is cause for concern, not to mention its real “capacity” – lightning fast and mercilessly attack of their prey, using up to 400 razor-sharp teeth. It is aggressive and predatory nature and must first pass in the drawing sharks, that it was not like a good-natured dolphins.

How to draw a Shark – Don’t panic

1.The initial outlines of sharks


It’s not hard to draw such circuits can even be used for this line. They will help you to more accurately draw the general shape of the body of the animal. Incidentally, the shark is not an animal, and fish. Although similar in appearance to a shark whales, dolphins, whales, seals, and other animals are mammals.

2.The general outlines of the upper fin and tail

2Shark-Facts-and-how-to-draw-a-sharkIn this step of how to draw a Shark, the original contours of the already converted into outlines of the fish, but the shark is still realistic so far away. Incidentally, the shark forced all his life to keep moving, it can not stop for a minute, so she arranged circulation. Maybe that’s why she’s so angry?

3.How to draw fins

3how-to-draw-a-sharkStart drawing the back fin, then you need to draw the upper and lower fin. A bit harder to draw the shape of the front of the sharks, but if you look closely, there is much to paint and nothing. All sharks look almost the same, the only difference – the size and coloring. The largest great white shark is up to 9 meters. It was this shark is the most dangerous to humans. The mere fact that her jaw is six times stronger than the wolf, speaks volumes.

4.Figure sharks is almost complete

4how-to-draw-a-sharkFirst, remove the eraser original, now superfluous circuits and draw the eyes and other small parts. You may need to “tweak” the general outline. At this point, the figure is still possible.

5.The final stage of “how to draw a shark

5learn-how-to-draw-a-sharkThere is nothing difficult to draw in this step is not necessary. You will only need to draw a sharp lower teeth, and the dividing line of the back and abdominal parts of the sharks. This line should not be perfectly flat, draw it randomly, not much pressing the pencil.

6.Figure shark pencil

6learn-how-to-draw-a-sharkPaints and color pattern is not required. Shadows from a simple pencil perfectly suited for coloring sharkskin.

7. Coloring pictures, underwater landscape

7learn-how-to-draw-a-shark-with-shark-factsTo the picture looked more realistic, the shark can not paint with crayons, but you can make the background color of the sea and next to the shark draw a flock of brightly colored fish. Moving forward to next page of this tutorial, you will find some facts related to Sharks and few pictures of Sharks.

Meanwhile check how to draw a dolphin which is so friendly in nature.

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