How to Draw a Flower – Drawing – Step by Step

Here we will learn how to draw a flower. Why do people love to draw flowers, I do not know exactly. I suspect it is because it has relatively little to do compared to landscapes with the dreaded and hated perspective. Unlike Portraits has at flowers usually very defined areas and not so many difficult points that are accrued only with gradients from each other. To show you again how quickly a flower with pencil, I have chosen the lotus flower. In itself, a very beautiful flower that is in spite of many petals pretty easy to draw. If once is the first Petal, you can from there all other off draw.

How to draw flowers – Basic tutorial

The preparatory drawing in pencil, you can keep it simple really. It satisfy the outlines of the individual flowers including stem and calyx. Best you press not too hard, because the sketch is only temporary. You must be equal erased again.

Even if the flower has many individual flowers, the preparatory drawing is really not difficult. Begin is best when the flower in the middle, which covers the chalice and very slightly tilted to the left. From there, the other flowers arise then like a crossword puzzle. If a flower look strange, look again after exactly whether the lines actually run in the correct direction. The eye so often confused a line that extends upward, with one that runs down. Drawing lessons on how to draw flowers start with the simple Lotus

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Step 1:

Place a sheet of paper horizontally. It’s not better use of the first sketch pencil with a hard pencil.

Step 2:


Around the middle of the bow draw an oval shape. The upper part of the oval a little pull upward as shown in the picture. Its the initial step on how to draw a flower tutorial.

Step 3:

how-to-draw-a-flower-1Now the picture shows side lobes closed Lotus expenditure. Just keep the lines thin for correction on further sketch. Just start practicing the simple steps and on moving forward, you can start drawing flowers on your own

Step 4:

how-to-draw-a-flower-2Here start drawing two more petals inside the closed area as shown in figure.

Step 5:

how-to-draw-a-flower-3Add few more petals to make the lotus closed lobe has dense and with more blossoms.

Step 6:

how-to-draw-a-flower-4Now after the closed surface, just add some more petals which are emerged out to make the closed lobes more attractive. Add the amount of petals you required to make the varied size of lotus flower.

Step 7:

how-to-draw-a-flower-5If the surrounding petals are not enough, just add more petals at the top end to make it more attractive. Smell the blossoms of the Indian national flower. We are taken a simple flower for the drawing lessons of how to draw a flower.

Step 8:

how-to-draw-a-flower-6Now sketch the picture we have made with pen or dark pencil. Even you can start the pink, yellow coloring for the leaves. If you don’t have the  colors, even you can make the flower attractive with just the pencil and the shades. Now when you think, how to draw a flower, you will start making a simple sketch of rose or lotus.

Step 9:

how-to-draw-a-flower-7As I mentioned above, we are just using pencil to make the flower look attractive. So just make the shades inside the leaves as shown in figure to make the flower look real.

Step 10:

how-to-draw-a-flower-8You can just make the shades inside the lines we have drawn in the above step with pencil. It looks like the above figure. Drawing flowers is just easy when we start discovering the possible ways with the available materials. Just a pencil make the flower look real when you start practicing to sketch flowers as you have got a idea on how to draw a flower.

Step 11:

how-to-draw-a-flower-9You can also have a small peace of paper which helps you to make the flower look real. Just shade the small peace of paper with pencil and wipe the petals of the lotus with the piece of flower. It makes the flower more real and the shades on the flower will look better than the shades made directly by pencil.

Here we have learnt how to draw a flower. Now start to draw your own lotus and many more flowers. You can also check how to draw a rose from our simple tutorial. Most of us are fond of flowers. Just stay tuned for more drawing lessons on flowers. You can also start practicing the flower which gives blossoms to your mind frequently.

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