How to Draw a Dolphin – Pencil Sketch

The theme of this tutorial “How to draw a dolphin.” Dolphin – is the most curious, good-natured and intelligent marine animals. Perhaps that is why dolphins and love and all the children willingly draw. A picture of a dolphin is a snap to make, since it is very similar to the fish, which can draw all children. The main thing is correct to draw a dolphin’s head and observe other simple proportions. Figure sure you get exactly if to draw a dolphin in stages, first in pencil, and then paint paints or colored pencils.

Step by Step tutorial- How to draw a Dolphin

1. Draw an oval line of the body of a dolphin


Dolphin has a similar structure to the fish, but all the same it is not a fish, and mammals, which very much likes to jump out of the water. Drawing dolphin jumped out, try, first of all, to transfer his grace, so draw the contours of his body smooth lines, preferably a single motion. rose drawing for kids is easy, it is important to draw a precise accurate body with fins and an elongated “nose” dolphins. In the first stage of drawing dolphin draw here are the simple contours of the body, head and tail.

2. Draw the outline of the fin and the tail

how-to-draw-a-dolphin-step2Now add into the picture a few simple strokes of the pencil, as on my picture. It is not necessary to draw a perfectly straight line of the original, then we will correct them or delete them. The main thing at this second stage of how to draw a dolphin lesson is to partition the proportions of the body and head, and for that we need these contours.

3. General outline of the body, fins and tail

how-to-draw-a-dolphin-step3Once you have verified that all the proportions accurate, you need to connect all of the contours of the body and tail. Angle dividing the tail in half, draw a smooth line is solid. If the figure were straight lines they should be slightly bent. Dolphin looks very gracefully. Grace dolphin transferred fluid and graceful lines and precise proportions of the head, fins. Fins should not be in the picture too big or small. Try to paint them as accurately as possible. First, draw the top fin, then the two sides, and after the tail fin is divided into two parts.

4. How to draw a dolphin’s head

how-to-draw-a-dolphin-step4After such adjustment, the “old” loop, you can remove the eraser, and you can do this after you draw a dolphin’s head. Make it easy, just copy to my drawing. Also be sure to round off the nose of a dolphin, and draw a line the mouth and eyes. Drawing of a dolphin is almost ready. It remains only to add a few details, and we can think about what will be the surrounding seascape.

5. The final stage of how to draw a dolphin

how-to-draw-a-dolphin-step5At this stage, you need to check all the proportions, adjust the small details. If you made sure that the dolphin drawn correctly and accurately, start tonal shading in pencil.

6. Tone shading in pencil

how-to-draw-a-dolphin-step6If you draw a dolphin for a workout, the shade image in pencil. Shadows give the amount of the drawing and “revive” it.  Now you got to know how to draw a dolphin and If you decide to paint the whole picture, for example, a dolphin jumping out of the sea, then it is necessary to paint a picture with crayons or paints.

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7. Figure dolphin colored inks

how-to-draw-a-dolphin-step7If you decide to paint the whole picture, for example, a dolphin jumping out of the sea, then it is necessary to paint a picture with crayons or paints. Now you have learned to sketch a dolphin. This drawing shows the dolphin jumping out of water. An another dolphin tutorial is followed here which shows the flat dolphin inside the water. Meanwhile check an additional video tutorial here

How to draw a Dolphin – Simple video tutorial

In this second step-by-step guide of how to draw a dolphin,  we will try to draw a dolphin, using simple geometric shapes. With these forms, we first construct a sketch which we then work out a little drawing.

 Step 1 – Draw the ellipse shape

how-to-draw-a-dolphin-step8We start off by creating a simple sketch of the dolphin.

His body is similar to the shape of a lens or a flat ellipse. The lateral and dorsal fin has the shape of a triangle, which is slightly sickle-shaped. The snout is long and is rounded at the tip. The caudal fin in turn has the shape of a sickle.

When sketching, you must also make sure that the proportions are to some extent. Compare your sketch with the picture below.

Step 2 – work out the form

how-to-draw-a-dolphin-step9Next we improve the sketch of our dolphin.

With the sketch we have only a rough framework which at least has a resemblance to a dolphin. We now want to draw the true shape of a dolphin. Take this quiet a photo template.
In the picture below you can see how I’ve drawn the outline of the right body shape on the sketch.

 Step 3 – erase sketch

how-to-draw-a-dolphin-step10In the third step of how to draw a dolphin tutorial, the superfluous lines of the sketch are removed.

To remove the unnecessary lines of the sketch, you can see a simple eraser use. At the end, only the lines of the body shape should remain. You can now even repair something and optimize. When you’re done with this step, you’ve already mastered the most difficult part of this drawing.

 Step 4 – draw shadow

how-to-draw-a-dolphin-step11In the final step of the dolphin is shaded – so we draw the shade.

When you draw the shadow, you just have to always keep in mind where the light falls on the body of the dolphin and how the body is shaped. If you have a template from which one emerges it’s even easier. To draw the shade, you can easily with a pencil hatching or even a different sign technology use. I myself have used cross-hatching, but that’s all a matter of taste. That was about it again. The drawing of the dolphin is ready.

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This tutorial will help for the people who are at very basic level of sketching and also it will be a good drawing for kids to practice. These drawing lessons have given you an idea on how to draw a dolphin easily. If you love drawing, start now and explore all types of dolphins and different styles of them.


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