How to Draw a Dog – Step by Step

In the previous article, we have learn how to draw a shark. Today we will learn how to draw a dog with the help of this tutorial. The animal eventually we should get a very realistic, however, to draw it, of course, is not quite simple. But the result should be worth! Let’s begin this lesson right now to and going forward you will start to make it realistic.

Learn How to draw a dog – Step by Step

Step 1:

Let’s start with this animal that’s made of sticks and circles, which denote the basic proportions and her dog pose. The head is now possible to designate the usual range (when we consider any lessons learned related to the drawing of people, we denote the oval head, here is the usual circle).

The body that is denoted by a single line, in which we see a pair of smooth bends in front of neck and, respectively, before the tail. Front feet – it’s just a couple of straight sticks and bent back to form a very wide angle. Himself corner is much closer to the tips of the feet than to the body.


Step 2:

Draw two perpendicular lines, one of which is vertical, is denoted face symmetry, and the second – the eye line. Next draw neckline and draw the contours of the head elongated dog in this stage, it looks like a normal diamond. The last thing we will do in this step – outline the contours of the ear.

3how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-stepStep 3:

Above and below spend the lines that form the outline of the body of the dog. Actually the line on the basis of the first step should be almost parallel to it, but the bottom line of the trunk should be smoothly curved. Graceful curve should begin with chest and end near the base of the hind legs. In this learn how to draw a dog step by step tutorial, you need to be interested to keep moving forward.

Learn how to draw a dog Step by Step Hint: Legs should also be turned over to them, as in our sample consisted of two parts – the first, massive, similar to a comma, and the second, lower, smaller in size, has a very obtuse-angled bend. The front legs of the dog as a visually consist of two parts, the upper has an extension around the body and narrows down.

4how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-stepStep 4:

Make ears, small rounded figures outline the eye. Under the length of the diamond shape, draw the tongue and lower jaw. Here we outline the nose. Yes, if our today’s lesson seems too complicated, perhaps we could start with something simpler, such as a lesson on how to draw a wolf which is much similar. And all who remain in the company of this cute German Shepherd, we continue drawing lesson dog.

5how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-stepStep 5:

Erased from our dogs, unwanted extra guide lines, and slightly draw the line of the lower jaw. Will be in our sample, that is something like this. At this point of learn how to draw a dog step by step tutorial, you might got some idea as you sketched a image look like a dog.
6how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 6:

From this point begins the final detail of learn how to draw a dog step by step tutorial. Add hair texture and add shadows. As always, we begin with the head and moving down, in our case, to the tail.

Drawn nostrils – they look like two semicircles that are looking in different directions. Now work with strokes – first applied strokes parallel to the horizontal plane of the nose, they should go in the direction forehead. Then cover the area with dense diagonal strokes from the nose to the upper jaw, in the middle of a little more by clicking on the pencil to get a dark line, as in this figure.

In the same step, paint the eyes (do not forget to leave a bright glare). Around the eyes will also create areas of hatching, with above each eye should be a little harder to press the pencil to it were present dark areas. Another site that is covered with shading – ears.

7how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 7:

We cover the areas shaded in the last step, one more layer of shading. Only hatching should not be cross, all the lines should be parallel.

To make a three-dimensional nose, obscuring it – the bottom part should be darker, and on the right, and should be located on top of the spot light, as in our sample. It also draws the teeth and causes a shadow on the tongue.

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8how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 8:

Just a small step. As previously planned line draw collar. We note the presence of small parts such as webbing strap, buckle and holes for her. In the same step, erase unnecessary auxiliary strokes with the front paws.

9how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 9:

This drawing lesson on how to draw a dog, we continue. More precisely, say how to draw a shepherd. It gives this breed here, of course, the characteristic structure of the head and the shape of the ears, over which we have worked previously. And now we focus on front paws of the dog and start working with wool that covers the torso.

First applied a forward hatch neck slightly to the left, as in our sample. You can do this in two stages – first with light lines indicate the shape of the desired portion, then its shade, but you can directly apply shading. Actually, the site of the hatch is very similar to the shape of a claw. Beneath the strip is also located on the feet – on the outer side of the left away and the inner side of the right.

10how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 10:

Make plots hatched in the last step, even darker. We observe the same rule as to follow a few steps back – a second layer of shading should go parallel to the first.

11how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 11:

Firstly of this learn how to draw a dog step by step tutorial, we drawn contours of the body, namely the line back and chest. Looking the pictures of the dog these should be slightly rough and jagged – should create a sense of what it curls sticking out of wool.

When the contours of the body with the order, you can proceed to the application of the long, sweeping (but orderly) hatch at the back of our dogs. Hatch lines should go in the same direction. These lines indicate the wool, and paint them as generally any scalp should be from the roots to the tips.

12how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 12:

We repeat the action already familiar to us from previous steps of how to draw a dog tutorial, namely the application of a new layer of shading. Once again, please note that the cross-hatching, we do not use, re-impose layers exactly in the same direction as the primary.

The pencil should not be much, just increase the number of layers in the places where the painting should be more dense.

13how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 13:

Draws the hind limbs, claws, tail and we put a few parts of the hatch. Note the shading on the hip goes in a completely different direction than at the back.

When you apply it, press a little harder on the pencil in the area of ​​the back, and slothful pressure. be sure to shade the (and, in some areas with several layers) inside the top of the far-away rear legs, as well as the upper part of the tail.

1how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-stepKeep moving forward to the next page. Meanwhile you check how to draw a car

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