How to Draw a Cat – Step by Step Tutorials

In the previous tutorial we have seen how to draw a Skull Here, we are focusing on how to draw a cat. If you have a cat at home, you probably know that the each cat differs from the other. Let’s try to draw a cat gradually with just the pencil. Cats are considered to be one of the cutest pet to have with us. So I want to draw a cat for you and teach the steps. The last step you need to paint the picture the of cat with crayons or paints if you want to make more realistic.

How to draw a cat step by step

1. Simple shapes – contours of the body and the head


To help you draw a cat, you must first make a simple but important circuits. They will help you in the future to sustain the proportions of the figure. Draw free form of two intersecting circles for the body and just above the circle for the head. Note that the contour of the head narrowed down. The muzzle of a cat is usually slightly extended, and the cat she often round like a saucer. Be sure to draw three small circles at the bottom of the cat paws and two circles in the upper torso.

2. Continue to draw the contours of the initial

step2-for-how-to-draw-a-catIt is important to draw exactly the first step in the future will only need to add items to this simple outline, and after removing them eraser, get a nice picture of a cat. First of all, draw a vertical line of cat paws. It is not difficult, but note that they start from the neck. It is also easy to draw two lines of the tail and triangular ears on the head.

3. Remove the extra cat drawing contour lines

step3-for-how-to-draw-a-catNow you can delete unnecessary contour lines in the picture, and look at our cat, get a real picture of a cat. It only remains to draw faces and body parts. You see how easy we were able to learn how to draw a cat with the help of simple circuits.

4. Detailed drawing

step4-for-how-to-draw-a-catThis step is very simple, look at my drawing cats and add the necessary touches. Do not forget to draw the eye to detail and claws on their feet.

5. Finish to draw a cat

step5-for-how-to-draw-a-catWhile learning how to draw a cat, if you decide to draw only with the pencil, you can use color cats in the art of a pencil. But the picture will look much prettier if your cat to color with crayons, of course, provided that your cat has a colorful, variegated, not pure white or black.

6. Colors to make cat alive

step6-for-how-to-draw-a-catIf you love to paint, then here you go. Start painting the cat with the crayons, oil paint or what so ever you like. The way you color will make the cat look real. There are many colors associated with the cats, so you can opt any color of your own to paint your cat.

As I mentioned earlier of this tutorial, I want to draw a cat for you and teach the steps. I hope i have done it. Now you would be knowing how to draw a cat. If you love to sketch a cartoon cat named Queen of cats “Aishu”, then here is another lesson for you in next page to discover that.

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Here we will just look the images and sketch “Aishu” Queen because we already a have a idea on how to draw a cat. Just to add a explanation am giving notes over here. Draw a circle, then a little inclined straight cat show middle of the head and two parallel lines the eye location. Then draw two beautiful eyes in the form of a circle, a small nose, and mouth.

“The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats…”
― Albert Schweitzer

step7-for-how-to-draw-a-cat-step-by-stepDraw the shape of the head at the Aishu then eyelids cilia pupils with flare, iris, ears rather large.step8-for-how-to-draw-a-cat-step-by-stepThen draw a line the chest, then back and hind leg. step9-for-how-to-draw-a-cat-step-by-stepDraw the front legs, one of which lifted it to her mouth and on her head a crown. step10-for-how-to-draw-a-cat-step-by-stepDraw the tail (in this figure given the shape of the tail in the form of the heart, if you can make it in the usual) beads with a rose , paint the border of wool, detailing the crown.

Check here how to draw a rosestep11-for-how-to-draw-a-cat-step-by-stepNow paint the beautiful Aishu kitty with the favorite color and make the queen look royalstep12-for-how-to-draw-a-cat-step-by-stepHere from these drawing lessons, you have got to know how to draw a cat. You can also think in different ways to sketch all types of cats.  Sketch other animals like how to draw a Wolf and start enjoying the artist skills.

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