How to Draw a Car – Step by Step Tutorials

Fond of Cars? Like to know how to draw a car. Here we can learn how to draw a car in a simple way. From our childhood, we are wondered by drawing cars. Still we will not be able to make a good sketch of a car. Car will stand in the top list, when we think of drawing for kids but even after growing up, the fond on cars never get reduced. We will be discovering the features and richness of the car. Here we are going to sketch a royal Bugatti Veyron in a simple way.

Drawing lessons of a Car

Here while thinking to start the how to draw a car tutorial, luckily thought of the sports king Bugatti Veyron. Let’s start our race with Bugatti Veyron.

Do not wait more!

You know the start of his drawing for now. Draw the wheels.

how to draw a car

It is a difficult drawing so we must be very careful. The Veyron not have a very defined waist line, particularly in the back. In fact, the only reference is the line out the door gently falling back. Therefore, drawing the first body at the bottom with a very low earth separation and short overhangs. To draw the rear overhang just put a curve near the rear wheel. After tracing the waistline from the front and making a smooth move down and stop at about 2/3 of the wheelbase. It also gives certain width tires, the rear are very spacious.


Stop the cab. Start at the front and take it down gently on the back where it touches the projection line.


Draw the door windshield and side window. It is a strange looking door. Now you would have got an idea how to draw a car. The below sketch looks like a car is drawn


We’ll start detailing the car in front. Draw the horseshoe-shaped grid, which is a distinctive feature of the Veyron. Draw a couple of lines from the bottom of the front of the car right at the bottom corners of the windshield. Now drawing the lights and sockets lower front air. Note that there is a curved line just above the front wheel. This line helps communicate the shape of the front fender.


Now draw the final details. Draw the air inlet side. Make a big curve joining the top and bottom lines of the door. Draw tires, door handle, lights, grille detail, fuel cap just behind the door and upper air intakes. And just for fun let’s draw the car with its rear spoiler deployed. It looks cooler.


How do I stay without drawing one of the fastest cars?

Now you have made a simple sketch of one of the fastest and royal sports car in the car. Now if someone asks you how to draw a car, you can make the royal one for them. You can start making colors for the car and make it look real. Colors will make the car look royal, oil painting will best suite for the drawings which gives you the classy look. Here is also another sketch, which shows the side view drawing of a sports car.

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how-to-draw-a-car-6We are going to sketch the side view of the sports car shown above. You will start learning to draw cars if you start practicing simple drawing shown here. Lets start  from the initial level of the sketch.

step 1
Draw a horizontal line and then ground tires in this case carrying the vehicle circles with their respective distance depending on the type of car you are about to draw

Step 2
Now that you draw the line of the floor and draw the profile such as tires as shown in this car, then keep going

step 3
At this point you begin to define the vehicle windows, doors and lights adding character to the vehicle.

step 4
seats accessories exhaust air outlets are added as the spoiler etc.

Step 5
wheels are made and filled with black spaces ranging from respective color.

Now we have gone through the drawing lessons of car and got an idea how to draw a car. Start racing on your own cars but these both looks to be the best sports car. Add colors to your art and make the car look real. There are many measures when we start to sketch an art, but that takes you to be an professional artist. This article just shown the simple drawing steps for drawing a car. We will start exploring the professional skills on moving further. Start discovering your racing cars.

Meanwhile you can start sketching cartoons!

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