[Video] How to Draw a Rose Step by Step – Easily for Kids

Today we will teach how to draw a rose. Our rose consists of many curves, then, patience, errors are normal. here’s the complete tutorial on how to draw a rose step by step : Previously we’ve written an article on drawing an eye tutorial. Check it out as well.

How to Draw a Rose in 4 Steps for Kids :

Here we can find 2 simple roses where the initial one needs an attention and the next is very simple. Have a look on both and start practicing. Here comes the initial rose.

Step 1: Draw a large oval circle deformed at the tip top. This will be the main form of our pink. Make a circle just above the center.

Step 2: Within the small circle make some curves diagonal lines. Does not leave much space between them

how to draw a rose step by step

Step 3: Draw the next petals around the center. The farther from the center, larger and more spaced petals are. Do this until the rest against petals on the line outside. If you have trouble positioning the petals, is based on real images of roses.

Step 4: At this point of how to draw a rose tutorial, you need to draw a few more to close the petals of rose petals and some center out of the main line, ending to the shape of the flower. Now just do the shading to give realism to pink. Just have patience to make the petals, it may grab the attention more at this point. Just practice it and the next one is very simple

drawing a realistic rose for kids

How to draw a Realistic Rose in pencil or charcoal :

Although it seems strange start by drawing a curved line that climb to a circle and a few feet above draw a bow. Check here to read the complete guide on How to draw a rose step by step.To give you an idea, is the stalk, the heart and the head rose.

how to draw rose

Continue the pink pencil drawing with the leaves and giving a bit of volume to rose petals, you will see that with this step the rose begins to take shape.

drawing a rose

Better align the stem and leaves , beyond the flower petals. The heart of the flower should do as a loop to give the form of a rose.

draw realistic rose

To end the pink pencil drawing a rose can give some shaded the leaves and the internal part of the petals, and can also draw some weed at the root.

draw a pink rose

If you want to draw a more elaborate pink , more realistic but at the same time a little harder to draw. I hope for beginners it would help to sketch a simple rose. Post your comments and if you look something better or different surf through the site. You can also check how to draw a dolphin


    1. Ya sure. 2nd is simple and cute but 1st rose needs more attention but after sketching you will love it… yeah i have done it.. 🙂

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