How to draw an Elephant – Giant Pet

After how to draw a dog tutorial, Here in this lesson you will learn how to draw an elephant using pencil and to finally land with an elephant drawing. When thinking drawing for kids, these tutorial helps them a lot. The elephant has big body and a huge, thick legs like a stone, but unlike other animals to draw an elephant is quite simple. However, his big ears, trunk and tusks and simple in appearance, is actually not easy to draw so that they look realistic. Picture an elephant is picturesque if to draw near other elephants, as well as the surrounding landscape.

How to draw an elephant – Elephant drawing

1. Draw the basic outline of the trunk of an elephant

1how-to-draw-an-elephantBegin drawing with the original circuit in the form of a large circle for the body. On the short distance to the right, draw a circle of smaller diameter for the head. Connect these figures, approximately as shown on my picture, it will be the neck of an elephant. It is not necessary to comply with the geometrical accuracy of these contours, you see, I have these contours also painted rather carelessly. This is only a preliminary outline of the necessary proportions for layout and location of the figure of the torso of an elephant, which in future will need to be removed.

Just below the main circle need to draw two elongated ovals for the feet of an elephant.

2. Draw the contours of the trunk and legs

2how-to-draw-an-elephantThis step is start with the trunk circuit, making it the easiest way, only need to draw an arc on the edge of her circle. He will need to accurately observe the massive proportions of the head and trunk. Further, the contour of the head to the back of another draw an arc, this will be the upper boundary of the ear. Well, now you need to draw the bottom line of the abdomen. The elephant is very massive animal, and it is required to accurately convey to the figure, so this line will insure you from mistakes. Well, at the end of this stage also add two circuit leg.

3. General outline of the form of the trunk of an elephant

3how-to-draw-an-elephantAnd now how to draw an elephant will be a lot easier, the basic contours we have, have only added to drawing the contours of legs.

Elephant on our figure moves pass this motion, you can use the provisions of the legs. Draw the left foot slightly raised for this circuit. Have the legs slightly lift up and turn the lower part of the left. In the next step we draw the general outline of an elephant, and then we will see what he is.

4. Figure elephant in detail

4elephant-drawing-how-to-draw-an-elephantThe move to start drawing draw contour trunk and a huge elephant ear. Incidentally, the scope of his ears is the length of an elephant, remember this. It’s not hard to draw the trunk of an existing contour markings, and the ear can draw free form. Do not make an elephant’s trunk is too thin or too thick. Compare, for example, with the thickness of the legs. By the way, the legs of an elephant as a column and foot flattened, almost round.

I hope you will not be difficult to circle the general contour of the torso and legs of an elephant.

You see how easy we were able to draw an elephant, there are only small details add a simple drawing and will be fully completed.

5.How to draw an elephant skin

5elephant-drawing-how-to-draw-an-elephantThe first step is to remove the extra contour lines, do you want to see what we get. Then start with the easiest draw. Draw the eye, and then you can draw two tusks and tail. A little more difficult to draw a elephant’s ear, but I think you will easily cope with this, looking at my drawing. Important note that the figure is visible and the second edge of the ear, but you can not draw.

Once when we were able to gradually draw the right torso and head of an elephant, start painting the skin. In some places it can be covered with wrinkles, folds (trunk). This can be done with the help of pencil strokes. And at the other areas of the skin, apply a small “net” in the form of intersecting lines. Do not press hard on the pencil line should be barely noticeable. Try to draw the right eye of an elephant. To better see the details of the eyes, you can increase my drawing.

6. How to draw an elephant – Final step

6elephant-drawing-how-to-draw-an-elephantAt this step you should have a fully draw an elephant and get to coloring pictures. If you choose to only draw in pencil, then you need to take a soft pencil (2M) and cause shadows. Shadows will add volume and pattern of an elephant would be more realistic. To accurately draw the shade on the trunk of an elephant, it is necessary to submit to a side light falls or the sun shines. That would be closer lighter. At the junction of the legs to the trunk, ears, head shade will be more dense.

If you draw an elephant next to his other relatives or a small elephant, as well as the surrounding African landscape, then your image will be more vivid, realistic and attractive. Now you are done with how to draw an elephant tutorial and finally landed with giant elephant drawing. These tutorials will best suite considering drawing for kids. Check next page to get relaxed with elephants.

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How to draw a dog step by step

In the previous article, we have learn how to draw a shark. Today we will learn how to draw a dog with the help of this tutorial. The animal eventually we should get a very realistic, however, to draw it, of course, is not quite simple. But the result should be worth! Let’s begin this lesson right now to and going forward you will start to make it realistic.

Learn How to draw a dog – Step by Step

Step 1:

Let’s start with this animal that’s made of sticks and circles, which denote the basic proportions and her dog pose. The head is now possible to designate the usual range (when we consider any lessons learned related to the drawing of people, we denote the oval head, here is the usual circle).

The body that is denoted by a single line, in which we see a pair of smooth bends in front of neck and, respectively, before the tail. Front feet – it’s just a couple of straight sticks and bent back to form a very wide angle. Himself corner is much closer to the tips of the feet than to the body.

2how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-stepStep 2:

Draw two perpendicular lines, one of which is vertical, is denoted face symmetry, and the second – the eye line. Next draw neckline and draw the contours of the head elongated dog in this stage, it looks like a normal diamond. The last thing we will do in this step – outline the contours of the ear.

3how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-stepStep 3:

Above and below spend the lines that form the outline of the body of the dog. Actually the line on the basis of the first step should be almost parallel to it, but the bottom line of the trunk should be smoothly curved. Graceful curve should begin with chest and end near the base of the hind legs. In this learn how to draw a dog step by step tutorial, you need to be interested to keep moving forward.

Learn how to draw a dog Step by Step Hint: Legs should also be turned over to them, as in our sample consisted of two parts – the first, massive, similar to a comma, and the second, lower, smaller in size, has a very obtuse-angled bend. The front legs of the dog as a visually consist of two parts, the upper has an extension around the body and narrows down.

4how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-stepStep 4:

Make ears, small rounded figures outline the eye. Under the length of the diamond shape, draw the tongue and lower jaw. Here we outline the nose. Yes, if our today’s lesson seems too complicated, perhaps we could start with something simpler, such as a lesson on how to draw a wolf which is much similar. And all who remain in the company of this cute German Shepherd, we continue drawing lesson dog.

5how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-stepStep 5:

Erased from our dogs, unwanted extra guide lines, and slightly draw the line of the lower jaw. Will be in our sample, that is something like this. At this point of learn how to draw a dog step by step tutorial, you might got some idea as you sketched a image look like a dog.
6how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 6:

From this point begins the final detail of learn how to draw a dog step by step tutorial. Add hair texture and add shadows. As always, we begin with the head and moving down, in our case, to the tail.

Drawn nostrils – they look like two semicircles that are looking in different directions. Now work with strokes – first applied strokes parallel to the horizontal plane of the nose, they should go in the direction forehead. Then cover the area with dense diagonal strokes from the nose to the upper jaw, in the middle of a little more by clicking on the pencil to get a dark line, as in this figure.

In the same step, paint the eyes (do not forget to leave a bright glare). Around the eyes will also create areas of hatching, with above each eye should be a little harder to press the pencil to it were present dark areas. Another site that is covered with shading – ears.

7how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 7:

We cover the areas shaded in the last step, one more layer of shading. Only hatching should not be cross, all the lines should be parallel.

To make a three-dimensional nose, obscuring it – the bottom part should be darker, and on the right, and should be located on top of the spot light, as in our sample. It also draws the teeth and causes a shadow on the tongue.

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8how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 8:

Just a small step. As previously planned line draw collar. We note the presence of small parts such as webbing strap, buckle and holes for her. In the same step, erase unnecessary auxiliary strokes with the front paws.

9how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 9:

This drawing lesson on how to draw a dog, we continue. More precisely, say how to draw a shepherd. It gives this breed here, of course, the characteristic structure of the head and the shape of the ears, over which we have worked previously. And now we focus on front paws of the dog and start working with wool that covers the torso.

First applied a forward hatch neck slightly to the left, as in our sample. You can do this in two stages – first with light lines indicate the shape of the desired portion, then its shade, but you can directly apply shading. Actually, the site of the hatch is very similar to the shape of a claw. Beneath the strip is also located on the feet – on the outer side of the left away and the inner side of the right.

10how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 10:

Make plots hatched in the last step, even darker. We observe the same rule as to follow a few steps back – a second layer of shading should go parallel to the first.

11how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 11:

Firstly of this learn how to draw a dog step by step tutorial, we drawn contours of the body, namely the line back and chest. Looking the pictures of the dog these should be slightly rough and jagged – should create a sense of what it curls sticking out of wool.

When the contours of the body with the order, you can proceed to the application of the long, sweeping (but orderly) hatch at the back of our dogs. Hatch lines should go in the same direction. These lines indicate the wool, and paint them as generally any scalp should be from the roots to the tips.

12how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 12:

We repeat the action already familiar to us from previous steps of how to draw a dog tutorial, namely the application of a new layer of shading. Once again, please note that the cross-hatching, we do not use, re-impose layers exactly in the same direction as the primary.

The pencil should not be much, just increase the number of layers in the places where the painting should be more dense.

13how-to-draw-a-dog-step-by-step-with-dog-factsStep 13:

Draws the hind limbs, claws, tail and we put a few parts of the hatch. Note the shading on the hip goes in a completely different direction than at the back.

When you apply it, press a little harder on the pencil in the area of ​​the back, and slothful pressure. be sure to shade the (and, in some areas with several layers) inside the top of the far-away rear legs, as well as the upper part of the tail.

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How to draw a Shark and Shark Facts

Followed to our owl drawing tutorial, we are going to check how to draw a shark along with the shark facts and pictures of sharks. These drawing lessons will make you start sketching like an artist and it will be best when considering drawing for kids. Sharks causes panic almost everyone. And no wonder, because this sea animal exists many years ago and the fishermen called this as sea wolf. Even the appearance of a shark is cause for concern, not to mention its real “capacity” – lightning fast and mercilessly attack of their prey, using up to 400 razor-sharp teeth. It is aggressive and predatory nature and must first pass in the drawing sharks, that it was not like a good-natured dolphins.

How to draw a Shark – Don’t panic

1.The initial outlines of sharks

1Shark-Facts-and-how-to-draw-a-sharkIt’s not hard to draw such circuits can even be used for this line. They will help you to more accurately draw the general shape of the body of the animal. Incidentally, the shark is not an animal, and fish. Although similar in appearance to a shark whales, dolphins, whales, seals, and other animals are mammals.

2.The general outlines of the upper fin and tail

2Shark-Facts-and-how-to-draw-a-sharkIn this step of how to draw a Shark, the original contours of the already converted into outlines of the fish, but the shark is still realistic so far away. Incidentally, the shark forced all his life to keep moving, it can not stop for a minute, so she arranged circulation. Maybe that’s why she’s so angry?

3.How to draw fins

3how-to-draw-a-sharkStart drawing the back fin, then you need to draw the upper and lower fin. A bit harder to draw the shape of the front of the sharks, but if you look closely, there is much to paint and nothing. All sharks look almost the same, the only difference – the size and coloring. The largest great white shark is up to 9 meters. It was this shark is the most dangerous to humans. The mere fact that her jaw is six times stronger than the wolf, speaks volumes.

4.Figure sharks is almost complete

4how-to-draw-a-sharkFirst, remove the eraser original, now superfluous circuits and draw the eyes and other small parts. You may need to “tweak” the general outline. At this point, the figure is still possible.

5.The final stage of “how to draw a shark

5learn-how-to-draw-a-sharkThere is nothing difficult to draw in this step is not necessary. You will only need to draw a sharp lower teeth, and the dividing line of the back and abdominal parts of the sharks. This line should not be perfectly flat, draw it randomly, not much pressing the pencil.

6.Figure shark pencil

6learn-how-to-draw-a-sharkPaints and color pattern is not required. Shadows from a simple pencil perfectly suited for coloring sharkskin.

7. Coloring pictures, underwater landscape

7learn-how-to-draw-a-shark-with-shark-factsTo the picture looked more realistic, the shark can not paint with crayons, but you can make the background color of the sea and next to the shark draw a flock of brightly colored fish. Moving forward to next page of this tutorial, you will find some facts related to Sharks and few pictures of Sharks.

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How to draw an owl – Owl drawing

In the previous drawing lessons, we have learn how to draw a tree. Here we will check how to draw an owl for the tree. Owl are famous for its forward facing eyes and ears while their head rotate to 270 degrees. Mostly Owl are king of night as they hunt their prey during dark night. Barn Owls and typical Owls are two families of Owls which have around 225 extant species.

Owl drawing – Step by Step

Now we look at a pencil drawing of an owl in stages. To learn how to draw an owl, we must understand the structure of feathers and wings. Feathers are different small and fluffy, which are located on the head, chest, legs, medium size, which are at the top of the pen, and long, which are in the middle and lower part of the wing. The structure of the wing, we have already discussed in the lesson here.

1how-to-draw-an-owlStep 1: We need to draw a detailed sketch. Thin lines draw the contours of the head, body and wing. Just view the image clearly or click on it and view.

2owl-drawing-how-to-draw-an-owlStep 2: Draw a beak, feathers and feet area.

3owl-drawing-how-to-draw-an-owlStep 3: Draw eyes and pupils, they are incomplete circles. Now we need to erase circuit (lighten), and in its place the lines of different lengths to create the appearance of feathers. Then draw legs and trunk.4owl-drawing-drawing-for-kidsStep 4: In this figure, the light source to the left, so the right shade darker. Add diagonal lines shading color representing small, soft feathers. During owl drawing, please stay carefully at the direction of strokes, they are important because they help to convey the illusion of depth various forms. Sketch pens of different shapes and lengths on the wing. Add a few strokes on the soles of the curved legs, to show the direction in which grow tiny soft feathers.5drawing-for-kids-owl-drawingStep 5: Note that while doing owl drawing, the hatching lines used to draw the feathers of different lengths and different shades. Outlines do not break off abruptly, but rather have the shape of a pen (or uneven) to transmit a more realistic appearance.

6drawing-for-kids-how-to-draw-an-owlPencil 2H easy to shade the feathers on the left and central parts of the legs, lower torso. 2B pencil to make an intermediate shade right. Here we learn how to draw an owl easily. But to make this owl drawing realistic use different pencils. Then using a pencil 2B and 4B add darker shades of feathers on the lower part of the body, on the right shoulder and under the beak under a wing. Draw a circle around the perimeter of the iris as the outer rim.

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Advice from an Owl – “Stay Focused”

Step 6: Shade the outer rim with a pencil 2B. Use a pencil 6B paint pupil, leaving the highlight and draw a darker shade on the beak.7drawing-for-kids-owl-drawing-artStep 7: Using the 2H and HB pencil paint the eyes and beak of an owl.8how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 8: Use a light pencil to add more touches on all areas of the head. Use 2H for light areas and 2B and 4B for darker. Add a few tiny ovals on the feathers on the forehead and sides of the head. The following picture shows the finished appearance of ovals and increase the resolution. If you want some of them to allocate more then just walk on them your eraser to display and brighten the central part of each.9how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 9: Use a sharpened pencil and a solid short strokes to paint the soft downy feathers on the chest and feet of an owl.10how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 10: Shade tail feathers of an owl. Each pen has a darker shade on the right, which gradually becomes a lighter shade on the left. Add diagonal lines to individual feathers. Look closely at the picture and notice that the diagonal lines drawn on each of the feathers make a complete shading and highlight detail.11how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 11: Shade feathers at the top of the wing, with the top area darker as the shadow falls on the head of an owl.12how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 12: Use the pencils of different softness and hatch lines of different lengths to transfer the texture of feathers in the upper part of the wing. Some feathers are the highlights on the tips.13how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 13: Add the dark shadows on the claws, while leaving room for glare. Use shading different lines to create the texture of the branches.14how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artStep 14: If necessary, add more lines on your own to figure seemed complete. To create light areas use the eraser to dark – apply additional shading. Put the date and sign the picture.15how-to-draw-an-owl-drawing-artHere you have made a beautiful owl drawing and learn how to draw an owl is done. The shades and the every small mark of this sketch will make a huge impact at the end and hence start drawing it with dedication. We have demonstrated many drawing lessons on pencil sketches. When considering drawing for kids, these tutorial will be more helpful to discover an artist within themselves. Start your art skills and keep exploring.

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How to draw a tree – Deciduous & Fest

Next to our previous tutorial on how to draw a cat, we are going to check how to draw a tree. Drawing trees is quite simple and you can not do much wrong. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to draw quickly and easily a deciduous tree. There are various benefits we get from a tree. So we always like to plant a tree and when thinking of drawing, tree always holds a top position.

How to draw a tree – Simple tutorial

It all starts with a sketch.Step1-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawings I start as almost always with a sketch. It is sufficient to draw the outline of the tree. Make sure that the branches and crime reports of the tribe do not follow a recognizable pattern, but in a “natural irregularity” of the tribe grows outwards / upwards. The same applies to the roots, but, logically, only grow downwards.
Step2-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsIn the second step I shade dark areas of the tree. The master and all the branches must naturally be darker. But the foliage provides “wispy” sheet pilings, which are regarded as a unit and they can shade on its underside.Step3-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsDraw after a few branches in the foliage of the tree in this step of how to draw a tree lesson. Make sure that the branches logically grow from the lower branches or trunk upwards. It is enough if one sees shine through in a few places in the foliage the branches. In the foliage elaborate attempts a cloud-like structure so as to indicate the individual leaves tufts. The underside of the leaves have tufts to darken.
Step4-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsNow you can master the blur, it should be generally darker than the trunk edge. Then you should again make a little darker.  You need to know which side of light shining on the tree. Of course, it appears from above, and in this picture a bit of links on the tree. Therefore, you can use the stand to the left can be a bit brighter areas. For example, the left side of the tree a little brighter than the right.
Shade dark areas still for something. Especially in the foliage of the tree there are many dark spots. Just imagine, the foliage is composed of many small clouds. Shade this deciduous clump at the bottom. The areas immediately adjacent to master you can draw even darker.Step6-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawings
Again you shade dark areas a little darker. Use this quiet a few rough strokes, since they fit well later to bark structure of the tribe.

Blurs all dark areas so that a rough structure of the roof leaves the tree is visible. Individual sheets you need not to draw. These drawing lessons on how to draw a tree will be interesting more moving forward.

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Shading are continuing exactly as you did in the previous step. Make sure that the areas that show to light, stay bright. Visible rough strokes in strain direction (vertical) see later like deep notches in the bark.  Try to give the trunk a little more plastic appearance. That is, to draw the project away from the light side and dark trying to work out the round log. The tree trunk, you should now be in no more blur, because that would destroy the beautiful rough structure, who let your pencil strokes. The structure is similar now very real bark.Step7-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsIf the tree elaborated plastic and the trunk is finished shaded, you can draw a lot of small dots and bumps on the trunk with a sharp pencil. Drawing is actually the wrong word. It would be better indiscriminately “scribble”. By that I mean, you should make sure that they are not one, patterns appear, but act arbitrarily when drawing the bumps. The tribe would be finished basically. Now you might have got an idea how to draw a tree.

“Trees are the poem, the earth writes…”

Step8-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsNow it goes to the individual sheets. Who does not want to make the effort itself, can emphasize the “cloud structure” of the foliage more and waive any leaves. Who has time and desire, on the other hand draws many small leaves on the foliage. Notice also the next step!
Step9-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsThe right side of the tree now has leaves that left yet. Sheets are located in the upper part of a leaf bundle. The area below was darkened. You have the course does not draw with the left start, I wanted only to show how the tree without leaves looks. For one might also waive the individual sheets and simply better emphasize only the leaf clump, as you see now on the right side and work out. Also this would be a beautiful tree.
Step10-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsNow follow the music for the left part of the treetop. Simply draw a few leaves in the tree and you are almost done with how to draw a tree drawing lessons.

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Step11-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawings The areas under the leaves you draw dark and dense easily.
Step12-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsShould your screen also have a background, you need to draw this now. Initially shade dark areas. If you shade in all directions, the hatch is very uniform and flat. With “hatching in all directions”, I mean, from right to left, from top to bottom, and diagonal On the right of the top left and bottom from top left to bottom right hatch. This gives a very fine hatching. Meadow or forest floor should not be hatched so clean and must not contain structures.  Bright areas like individual tufts of grass you shade with an eraser pen in the gray area and add more idea on how to draw a tree.
Step13-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsHere is a detail screen on which you can see again, how the transition from Treetop, sun and sky looks. The tree should be erase by toward the sun brightened somewhat.  Take a round object (cup, plate, CD, …) put this on the paper and on the edge make a bright circle around the sun.

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Step14-how-to-draw-a-tree-drawingsThose who want to can as erase a few “light effects” through the shimmering sun in the foliage. I carry two small pieces of paper, put one above the other in the form of a pointed wedge and wedge erase in such a sharp light beam. Now you have a made a realistic sketch of a tree and got the answer for how to draw a tree. Adding colors to the tree or sketching with respective colors will make the tree look alive. So start exploring. Moving forward, you will learn how to draw Christmas tree.

Mostly during Christmas we would like to sketch the Christmas tree which adds joy and reminds of gifts, toys, candy,etc.,  At the time of celebration, the kids love to sketch the precious things of the fest especially Christmas tree, Santa Claus, candies and gifts. Here we got to know drawing a tree, so next is to know how to draw Christmas tree.

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It’s quite simple to draw a Christmas tree, just make a vertical line and follow it. Just imagine or sketch a triangle outline as we all know the Christmas tree is in triangle form. Just follow the steps shown in the image to complete the tree.  Step15-how-to-draw-a-christmas-tree-drawingsWe have not looked on the colored sketches but considering the fest, we have to add colors to make the fest alive. Just color the tree on your wish. In the next image, we are seeing how to draw Christmas tree in different style. Just as above tree, follow the steps as shown in the image and you are done with sketching a Christmas tree.Step16-how-to-draw-a-christmas-tree-drawingsFrom the above drawing lessons you got to know how to draw a tree and also how to draw Christmas tree. Just start the sketch with pencil initially and after being expert, start with the colors to bring the art alive.

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